Sharehound is an open-source multiplatform network file systems indexer and searcher with Google-like query syntax. Currently supported protocols are SMB (file shares in MS Windows-based networks) and FTP. Web UI is used for search and some administration. 日本語 is supported! :)


Unicode support search screen hosts screen
RSS (Firefox UI) admin screen last_modified_of_dir


  • A JSP 2.0 container like Tomcat 5.5 or higher
  • Java 1.5 or higher, JDK or JRE (can be contained in app server)


The latest release can be downloaded here.


It's written in Java and uses Apache Lucene as a full text search engine. It doesn't consider file contents - only file path and name are indexed. Historical data (deleted files and offline hosts info) is kept. Search can be limited to single directory and optionally its subdirs. An RSS feed is provided for search results which allows to have notifications about added, changed and deleted files of interest.

I see following possible uses of this program:


Sharehound is an open source project and is distributed under BSD, classic OSI-certified license type.


Source code


I'll be glad to hear from you. Most easy way to leave a feedback on this product is to drop a comment to a dedicated blog. It also has posts dedicated to separate releases, so better comment to relevant posts. Another places to discuss Sharehound, report bugs and request enhacements are:
If you're a developer and feel like you want to contribute to this project, write me about it, or just write the code and send a patch for a start. Better talk with me first so we make sure our efforts don't duplicate.

Artem Vasiliev, abublic[at]gmail[dot]com
The project's page at sourceforge

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